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New Year's compositions


Gift for a man

2458 UAH

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Christmas basket with fruit

1647 UAH

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New Year's composition

3306 UAH

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Flowers in the box for the New Year

2540 UAH

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Roses in a box

2875 UAH

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Heart of 25 roses

4196 UAH

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Composition for the New Year

3589 UAH

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5 carnations, 4 chrysanthemums

2366 UAH

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5 roses, 10 carnations

1827 UAH

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Flowers for the New Year

6173 UAH

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6 carnations, 5 roses, 2 chrysanthemums

1834 UAH

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Snowman from flowers

6994 UAH

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Macarons for the New Year

1810 UAH

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Beautiful Christmas composition

3482 UAH

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Christmas composition with a garnet

3112 UAH

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Flowers for Christmas

2577 UAH

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 Order New Year's compositions

Christmas compositions are cozy, family-friendly warm gifts that help strengthen the bonds between people, add romance to the holiday and a little bit of tenderness and warmth.

Types and variety of gifts for the New Year

In addition to the usual little souvenirs, you can think about purchasing something more vivid and meaningful, for example, flowers for new year.

Gifts for this holiday are not limited to Christmas bouquets, we also offer:

 New Year's compositions with delivery

  • New Year's bouquet in the box: can have many shapes and shades, complemented by appropriate decor or champagne;
  • Composition with Christmas decorations: a beautiful and useful gift that can be used as a surprise under the Christmas tree;
  • Flowers and macaroons: the brightest and most desirable gift, complemented by fresh buds and sweets melting in the tongue.

Especially popular is the composition with spruce. Fresh spruce branches, soft and prickly at the same time, are perfectly complemented by flower buds that are fragrant in the midst of this winter beauty, representing a small, summer oasis. The aroma of spruce and the beauty of the gift will emphasize the importance of the holiday in a family or a friendly circle.

Also very popular fruits for the New Year, in particular - tangerines and other citruses. You can pick up special, exotic fruits that will be pleasant to regale all winter holidays.

 Buy Christmas composition

Но Christmas baskets sweets can be the main Christmas gift awaited. After all, no winter day is complete without sweet, tasty, soft and with a large selection of toppings. So, in the basket can be chocolates, kinder, candy.

Buying winter bouquets in Odessa

With our help, anyone can order flowers with delivery from the best suppliers in the city. We ensure the reliability of purchases, bouquet delivery, and also give a 100% guarantee of quality for each bud and decorating element. We use only fresh flowers, on which the best florists of Odessa work, who make bright and individual gifts.

Delivery of bouquets and additional gifts are performed by specialists who are never late. The courier will deliver the order at any convenient time, until the beginning of the chiming clock.

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