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Luxury bouquets


Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

10661 UAH

Bouquet of 101 imported roses

16500 UAH

301 roses in the basket

22916 UAH

101 roses in a box

11881 UAH

Bouquet of 51 imported roses

8130 UAH

Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

10847 UAH

Heart from 201 roses

24122 UAH

Red roses: 1001 pc.

89043 UAH

Red roses: 101 pc.

8889 UAH

Delicate roses in a box

11065 UAH

Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

8301 UAH

Heart of 101 roses

11433 UAH

Bouquet of 101 chrysanthemums

10260 UAH

Yellow roses: 101 pc.

9009 UAH

A huge bouquet of roses

Luxury bouquets are the biggest and unique gifts that display not only the skills of a florist, but all that is sometimes difficult to say in words.

What is luxury bouquets?

A huge bouquet, as a rule, is considered a gift of luxury, but all because it contains some of the best flowers that can only be found in the city. In addition, such bouquets are very large: they can accommodate 101, 151, 201, 301, 501 roses that are not diluted with other colors or decor, so as not to lose a single drop of their grandeur and sophistication.

Chic bouquets are made up of imported or Ukrainian roses at the customer's choice. The difference in them, mainly only in price and the appearance of the gift itself does not affect: it remains as incredible and unforgettable.

Large bouquets of roses with delivery

It is important to remember that such a luxurious bouquet of roses should be ordered in advance, because the store may simply not have such a number of roses. This ensures their freshness, because they are selected and ordered from the supplier specifically for the client, where they pass quality control before shipping and another one, when they are delivered to the store.

You can order a large bouquet of this scale for those people who, as you think, really deserve such attention. For example, a bouquet can be presented to your beloved wife on the anniversary of the wedding, reminding you how much it means to you and decorating your bedroom with huge bunches of buds. Your beloved mother will also be delighted to see such an unforgettable present at her doorstep. You can present it both on Mother's Day and on her Birthday, emphasizing that you remember about it, and that it is infinitely important for you and the road.

Flowers delivery to any place in the city: quickly and reliably

Our online store - a place where everyone can choose a bouquet for every taste, being confident in the quality of design and the speed of delivery.

Vip bouquets with delivery

For more than 10 years of experience in floristry, we have identified several of its advantages:

  1. We provide 100% guarantee of the quality of the flower in any bouquet;
  2. The best florists of Odessa work with us with interesting ideas;
  3. Delivery of the bouquet is performed only by responsible couriers.

To order flowers with delivery in our store you can from any city or country, because we can pay in any currency and in any way convenient for you..

The courier will deliver the order on time, which will necessarily be notified of a change in his status. If necessary and at the request of the client, photos may be provided from the moment of delivery.

If it is necessary to make the celebration more vivid - pay attention to additional gifts that help to raise the mood, in case it's sweets, or to create a romantic atmosphere, if it's a bottle of good wine.

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