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Fruit baskets


Fruit Basket wt: 5.5-6 kg

1520 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 6.5-7 kg

2210 UAH

Basket with fruits and Asti Mondoro

2790 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 9.5-10 kg

2605 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 3.5-4 kg

1450 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1495 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1870 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1450 UAH

Fruits wt: 4.5-5 kg

1350 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1850 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 3.5-4 kg

2075 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1470 UAH

Fruit, doggie, Ferrero Rocher

3200 UAH

Basket with tangerines: 4.5-5 kg

1320 UAH

Basket with fruits, candies and Asti Mondoro

2770 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 5.5-6 kg

1835 UAH

 Buy a fruit basket in Odessa

Fruits in the basket will be a special gift that can make a person smile bright and have many pleasant moments of happiness. Sweet, juicy and fragrant, they will perfectly complement any, even the most strict and corporate holiday. After all, there is no such celebration where it would be impossible to bring a beautifully decorated basket with something tasty and healthy..

Gift baskets: what they can be?

Flowers, in particular bouquets of roses, this is a classic gift, which is given for all occasions and holidays in the year, and sometimes you want to give something special and unusual. If you have already made such a gift as flowers in boxes and think that by ordering another one, the recipient will know what is in it, we want to draw your attention to a new, very useful and tasty type of gifts - fruit baskets to order

 Basket of oranges

It is not difficult to guess that the main advantage of a basket of fruits and flowers is precisely beauty and benefit. So, our skilled craftsmen will be able to create such a flower and fruit ensemble that will suit the recipient exactly. We can pick up the fruit according to the season or make a start from what the recipient likes. It can be either a bright and original basket filled to the top with exotic, or classic citrus, apple or banana.

In Odessa, you can buy not only fruit baskets. So, we offer other original gifts, namely – baskets of sweets or products baskets, that will suit the sweet tooth, and those who do not have time to go shopping. This gift is perfect for a man, child or hearth keeper - beloved wife or mother.

Delivery of a basket in the city of Odessa

 Send fruit basket in Odessa

Our florist offers not only to buy bright and unforgettable gifts, but also the opportunity not to worry about their transportation, which will be done by our experienced courier service..

Ordering fruits with us is easy and simple, because:

  • We provide 100% quality guarantee for all baskets;
  • Delivery of flowers is carried out by couriers who have more than 10 years of experience;
  • Everyone can receive discounts from us already from the 1st order.

You can purchase an additional gift from us that can enhance the beauty of the fruit platter. So, it can be balloons, a box of chocolates, a cake and more. Among the most popular are soft toys and bottles of delicious wine or champagne.

Courier will deliver the order at the exact time specified. If the recipient's address is unknown to you - just leave his phone number and the courier will figure out where to deliver the gift. At the same time, he will not reveal what exactly is lucky and can perform anonymous delivery.

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