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Sweet baskets


Basket with Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello

4203 UAH

Basket of sweets with champagne

4099 UAH

Basket of sweets with champagne

3589 UAH
Корзина із квітами і цукерками
4712 UAH

A large basket of chocolate

4099 UAH 4401 UAH You save: 302 UAH

 Order a basket of sweets

The baskets of sweets are the guides to the world of sensual, fragrant and unique pleasures, which are filled with sweets and other sweet delicacies

Varieties of Sweet Gift Baskets

Sweets - the favorite gift of all, from young to old. After all, sweet cheers up, improves everything around you and makes the world brighter and more pleasant to contemplate. Therefore, such an original gift from a wicker basket, which is filled to the top with a variety of delicacies, will definitely appeal to recipients.

Its most popular variety is a basket of chocolate. Today there are so many assorted chocolates that chocolate in a basket can have many companies, flavors and beautiful wrappers..

You can also buy candy in the basket - a bright, stylish, special assorted gift. Many tastes will give every day a feeling of warmth, lightness and weightlessness.

 Chocolate basket Odessa

For those who want more classic presents, you can choose baskets fruits or products. they can be complemented with flowers - bouquets of roses in different quantities. Flowers in a box, in which there are 51 or 101 roses, they will perfectly complement the basket, showing to the recipient two original presents at once. Such a gift would be appropriate to present a man for an anniversary or a child for his birthday.

Baskets of sweets in Odessa: quick order and delivery

 Order candy basket

Our customers know that they can order fruit with delivery from us, because we always strive to do everything to make the holiday perfect!

Over 10 years of experience have helped us achieve success, as well as develop our own advantages:

  • We have a 100% guarantee of the quality of all products and goods;
  • Flowers delivery is performed exclusively by experienced staff;
  • The courier will deliver the order exactly on the appointed day and time;
  • We provide discounts from the 1st order!

A favorite service of our customers is the possibility of purchasing additional gifts. Not always one bright basket will be enough, especially if you want to give an unforgettable experience. So, in this case, help balloons, soft toys and other equally beautiful additions.

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