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16 roses and 5 cluster roses in a box

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17 roses with Macarons

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Bouquet of 25 roses

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Multicolored roses: 31 pc.

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Red roses: 11 pc.

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Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

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Bouquet of 13 roses with a bear

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Bouquet of 101 imported roses

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Original gift with champagne

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5 roses and Martini Asti

1624 UAH

11 roses in a box

1628 UAH

Beautiful roses in Odessa

Bouquets from the royal flower - it's a classic, which does not go out of fashion. Flower, which at each event was and will always occupy a leading position. Before ordering a bouquet of roses, let's get acquainted with their main varieties, which will be useful when composing a composition for a particular event.

Red roses - because of their popularity, it is the red flowers that have the most extensive species and varieties. Among the most popular can be distinguished Gran Pri with lush petals. Second place in popularity is imported roses Freedom with a classic goblet bud and medium size. And in the third place is hidden El Toro, with the original wavy bud.

White roses, the popularity in the white shade takes the Avalanche flower with a small, but voluminous bud of perfectly white color. In her back breathes a variety of White Naomi, which has a large inflorescence and a long stalk up to a meter. But Long John Silver reminds you of the beauty of the southern shores and the huge, almost unearthly exotic flowers that are grown far in America.

Roses in Odessa

Pink roses - the most famous is the brand Aqua, which has a gentle pink tint and is suitable for the most romantic compositions. But the most cherished remains precisely the pion-shaped rose, which, due to its appearance, owes all the peonies known to us and has a sweet, honeyy smell.

Yellow roses - to form friendly and business bouquets the look is Penny Lane - moderately magnificent, possessing a strong stalk and elastic petals. Also considered to be the classic Ilios flower, which has sharp triangles of light orange petals and has a subtle smell.

Cream roses - Cream color does not have as much varietal variety as any other, and therefore it is valued much higher and higher than standard colors. Thus, the variety Talea is suitable for creating classical bouquets, having a large loose head with gentle and sensitive petals. More romantic is Peach Avalanche, which has a color similar to a ripe peach. But the rose bush Cream Grace is ideal for creating a lush bouquet, reminiscent of cream brulle.

Multicolored roses - Two-colored or multi-colored flowers, having several tints on their petals, are valued for the weight of gold and in the bouquet they acquire a striking appearance that can stun and surprise even the most staunch recipient. For example, the roses Jamila, which has shades of white and pink edging perfect for a romantic relationship. The popular Blash variety, which combines shades of white and pink on the edges, is also suitable for romantic occasions, but the Prince of Monaco with its large white-red bud will win the heart of any of your friends.

Buy roses with delivery to Odessa, Ukraine

Beautiful bouquets of roses

Classic arms have always been and will be preferable, any other colors. Our experienced florists will collect a chic bouquet from any number of roses. It can be small bouquets from 5-25 and more magnificent armfuls of 35-51 buds. The design of the bouquet also plays an important role, it can be a romantic satin ribbon, a more rigorous design in floral paper or an original solution in our time – roses in a box. You can be sure which design you would not choose, such a chic gift will be appreciated and will remain in your memory for a long time as incredibly magical memories.

You can order roses of any color and variety in our online store, because we have such advantages:

  • We provide the freshest flowers in Odessa from reliable suppliers;
  • We allow you to purchase flowers with delivery on any desired day;
  • We provide prompt delivery of flowers throughout Odessa for several hours.

To buy roses in Odessa means not only to surprise a loved one, but also to promote his good mood and happiness for many weeks!

In our catalog you can find an incredible amount of chic bouquets from Ukrainian, Dutch, spray roses of any color. Order courier delivery of flowers and surprise an incredibly pleasant surprise to your family and friends, decorating their day with pleasant moments.

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