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11 roses

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11 roses - a bouquet that has become a kind of classic. Such quantity can already be made into a beautiful bouquet with greens or simply tied with a beautiful satin ribbon, which adds rigor and is ideal for a gift to a man, regardless of the occasion, holiday or status of the recipient. Choosing such a gift, you will make a person happy.

11 roses delivery to Odessa

In our online store you can choose 11 roses and order courier delivery to any address of our resort city, and if necessary and beyond. We work only with proven color suppliers, and you can be assured of 100% of their quality. In our catalog you will find Ukrainian, imported и spray roses.

11 Dutch roses

If you want to make a pleasant surprise or to thank and give a bouquet, not tied to a specific date and you need a golden mean, 11 flowers is the ideal solution. A bouquet of 25, 35 or 51 suitable for birthday or anniversary. And 101 roses needed for the most special occasion.

11 roses can be of different shades:

  • Red color - love, passion and severity in one bouquet;
  • White color - tenderness and innocence;
  • Yellow color - bouquets of roses of this color are very bright and sunny;
  • Cream color - very warm and cozy bouquets of crème-brulee;
  • Pink color - for romantic encounters;
  • Orange - fire color, full of love and energy;

Rose is very versatile, and is suitable for congratulating women and men alike, it all depends on what shade you choose and how you will decorate the composition. For men, our florists offer a more strict design in floristic paper or satin ribbon of darker and more severe tones, women, on the contrary, are more gentle. For girls, an excellent solution is to place roses in a cone or box, creating a more modern and trendy bouquet. We can not but offer such a wonderful and very beautiful flower gift as roses and Macarons, perfectly selected French cakes to the tone of the buds, make the composition chic and inimitable. You can also add a bouquet of roses soft toy or a box of delicious chocolates.

11 roses in a box

How to order a bouquet delivery

We always take care that our customers are satisfied. That is why order registration in our online store Flora, takes a minimum amount of time.

You can place your order in any convenient way:

  • place an order on the site;
  • write a consultant in the online chat;
  • write us in Viber or WhatsApp.

If you still doubt what kind of gift you need, our managers will help with the choice, and will take into account all the wishes. Flowers delivery in Odessa is carried out every day, without weekends and holidays. We work for you and are very happy when the eyes of your relatives are shining with happiness..

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