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25 roses


Bouquet of 25 roses

2608 UAH

Bouquet of 25 bush roses

3592 UAH

Bouquet of 25 imported roses

4352 UAH

25 roses in a box

3435 UAH

Basket of 25 roses

2579 UAH

Red roses: 25 pc.

2532 UAH

Basket of 25 roses

3232 UAH

Yellow roses: 25 pc.

2742 UAH

A bouquet of 25 roses + candy

2863 UAH

Multicolored roses: 25 pc.

2632 UAH

Yellow roses: 25 pc.

2742 UAH

White Rose: 25 pc.

2615 UAH

25 roses in a box + candy

3780 UAH

25 roses is a classic bouquet that is most often presented for a birthday, wedding, choosing lighter and more delicate shades or an anniversary, for example, the twenty-fifth. And of course, 25 roses is an excellent opportunity to remind you of yourself and make a pleasant surprise in the form of courier delivery. Bouquets of roses, due to its variety of colors and shades, has long been at the top of the flower Olympus, therefore, ideal for all occasions. Regardless of the event for which you are going, a rose will always be a relevant and desirable floral gift.

25 roses can be in such shades:

  • Red - love, passion, respect. Ideal option in a dark shade for the man, in more scarlet for the girlfriend;
  • White - tenderness, bouquets of white roses are ideal for congratulations on your marriage;
  • Pink - a shade for romantic and dreamy natures;
  • Cream - the color of elegance and sophistication;
  • Yellow - bouquets of yellow roses always radiate warmth and happiness;
  • Orange is the color of enthusiasm, harmony and well-being;
  • ulti-colored bouquets of roses - ideal when you want to say in the language of flowers about the whole palette of your feelings.

Send 25 roses in Odessa

A bouquet of 25 roses is quite large, if you compare it with a bouquet, for example, from 9 or 11 roses and if the composition is arranged correctly, it will look different:

  • strictly, to congratulate a man on his holiday;
  • gently, if you want to make a nice romantic gift;
  • brightly. if it is a mix of various shades of the queen of flowers.

You can choose a diverse bouquet design, a classic ribbon, leaving all the flowers in sight and emphasizing the beauty of this flower or floral paper, playing with its variety over the color of the bouquet and its originality. You should not forget that 25 roses are ideally assembled in a hat box, which is now very fashionable and modern. Exactly flower boxes are now popular, it is very convenient to transport them and roses do not require a vase, which facilitates the delivery of a bouquet, for example, to work, where there is not always a vase and flowers will delight the recipient from the beginning of the working day.

In our online store you can find such a floral gift as roses and Macarons, you can choose the number of roses by yourself, it can be 5, 11 or 25 roses, which will be beautifully located in a box and complemented by delicate french delicacies of Macarons. Believe me, this gift will give a lot of positive emotions to your beloved girlfriend.

For the bouquet you can pick up and additional gifts, such as soft toys, cakes, sweets, balloons, baskets of sweets and much more.

The advantages of our online store:

  1. Here you will find the largest variety of gifts, from mini bouquets to huge luxury bouquets;
  2. We deliver not only bouquets, but also gift baskets;
  3. We have only the freshest flowers from verified suppliers;
  4. In our store you will receive a discount from the first order;
  5. We work and improve ourselves every day for you and your loved ones.

Order 25 roses with delivery to Odessa Ukraine

To order a bouquet of 25 roses in our online store you need a little time. Our managers will advise you on any issue, will help you choose a bouquet, composition or cinnamon fruit, based on your wishes. And experienced and fast couriers will deliver your order to the right address of our beloved city of Odessa. If you need delivery outside the city, our managers will also help you. Please your close people not only on holidays, give them moments of warmth and beautiful flowers, thanks to which every day becomes a holiday. And we will help you with this.

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