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101 tulips

 Send 101 tulips in Odessa

101 tulip is a gift that has no analogues and is capable of producing a real sensation at any celebration. A huge floral armful of tulips - the dream of many women, and therefore it is worth considering to make a choice in her favor.

The charm and beauty of spring flowers in gifts

Tulips have always been considered the best gifts that spring brings to us. With them can not compete any spring flower, nor the royal mimosa, nor luxurious iris, after all, the soft and thin stems of this plant speak of tenderness, quietly sing of love, which survives even in severe frosts.

There are times when 11, 15, 25 or 51 tulips may not be enough. In this case, a large bouquet of tulips, consisting of more than a hundred of the best and manually selected flowers, is in a hurry to rescue. It can have red, white, pink, multi-colored or yellow shades, and also contain their unique combination. And if 101 roses says about love fever and madness, then a tulip - about strong, permanent and stable feelings.

 To order 101 tulips Odessa

Flowers for Women's Day always have been and will be a chic gift that expands all horizons. So, you can give your beloved mom 101 tulips in a box – The new version of the previously known present, which breathes freedom and care. Tulips in the box will help to avoid awkward situations when two guests at the festival will have the same gifts. 101 tulip in Odessa is an amazing and unique phenomenon, and therefore you can be sure that you will be the only one who dares to present such madness.

We recommend replacing the usual bouquet for Valentine's Day for the girl on a beautiful and original box. Order 101 tulip - always the perfect solution for crazy romantics.

Delivery of a bouquet in Odessa and the region from couriers

Everyone wants to give the perfect gifts. We can help with this, because we have over 10 years of experience in this field and know how to make any celebration better and brighter.

101 multi-colored tulips

Order flowers with delivery can be easily and without problems, because:

  1. We have a 100% quality guarantee for all items;
  2. We collaborate with the best florists and suppliers;
  3. Delivery of flowers and additional gifts will make the holiday more pleasant.

Features of the order in our store lies in the fact that it can produce people from any city. Remained close, favorite or family member in Odessa, but you are far from him? This is no longer a problem! With us you can deliver gifts with the confidence that they will reach in the best quality and fall into the hands of the recipient himself. The courier will deliver the order to any point in the city, as well as be able to take a photo of the delivery - confirmation of the fulfillment of their tasks, where the smile and joy of the recipient.

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