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51 roses

51 red roses

51 roses - this is a special bouquet, one of the most important in floristics, from one glance at which it becomes clear about the serious intentions of man and tender feelings.

Send 51 roses in Odessa

51 roses in Odessa, according to the opinions of our customers, is one of the most popular and bright gifts. And all because sometimes two dozen roses are not enough to express their emotions, what to say about small bouquets. But 101 roses can be a big bouquet, because this optimal option comes to the rescue, affordable for everyone and able to express the necessary feelings.

Such a bouquet is performed from:

51 roses Odessa

  • Imported roses: will give admiration, charm to the recipient and respect;
  • Ukrainian roses: an excellent choice for a beautiful bouquet;
  • Spray roses: small buds will help create an atmosphere of romance and care;

51 roses can have several shades: red, white, yellow, cream, multi-colored and so on. Only one red color counts from a dozen shades, and therefore, by combining colors, you can create a present that will not be repeated on the holiday and will be unique. For example, the best option would be a red-white bouquet or collected in yellow-red tones.

Our florists can perform several different variations of this gift. So, it can be both the simplest bouquet, and 51 roses in a box - a bright, unusual surprise. You can also lay out with some number of colors some phrase, the first letter of the name, a heart or even a figure indicating the number of years spent next to the recipient.

To order 51 roses it is possible both for the beloved person, and for the father or mother: this flower does not impose any restrictions on the gender and age of the recipient, which makes it one of the most popular in any bouquet, both in mono and in composition.

51 white roses Odessa

Order 51 roses with delivery to Odessa

In our online store more than 10 years of experience in Odessa, we can buy a lot of bouquets that contribute to creating a special atmosphere between the giver and the recipient. In particular, this affects the work of the best florists of the city, who with trembling choose each bud, and also 100% quality guarantee, so you can be sure that the gift will last for weeks.

Delivery of a bouquet can be issued from any country. In addition, you can order flowers with delivery at any time, even a few hours before the gift should be served. Our couriers will deliver the order exactly on time and without delay, because they know the city better than others and the ways in it, and are also able to find any address in Odessa and the region.

In addition to the delivery of flowers, we also offer additional gifts in the form of sweet, alcohol and toys that contribute to pleasant emotions and good memories after the holiday.

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