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Bouquets of gerberas


Bouquet of 17 gerberas

1640 UAH

Bouquet of 15 gerberas

1420 UAH

Bouquet of 17 gerberas

1488 UAH

Bouquet of 21 gerberas

1837 UAH

101 gerberas in the basket

5790 UAH

Bouquet of 9 gerberas

1061 UAH

Bouquet of 3 roses and 12 gerberas

1362 UAH

Bouquet of 25 gerberas

1948 UAH

Bouquet of 25 gerberas

2240 UAH

Bouquet of 21 gerberas

1970 UAH

11 gerberas bouquet

1172 UAH

Bouquet of 11 gerberas

871 UAH

Bouquet of 13 gerberas

1016 UAH

Bouquet of 5 gerberas

680 UAH

 Bouquets of gerberas

A bouquet of gerberas is a beauty and charm that can help you find the cherished key to your beloved heart, ask for forgiveness and even restore friendship. And all because very few people are able to resist a beautiful flower, from which florists make beautiful bouquets.

Mono bouquets of gerberas: flower features

Gerbera is a plant that has conquered all the countries of the world with its beauty. For the first time it appeared on the warm lands of Africa and Madagascar, from where it spread not only to Europe, but also to Asia as well. She is loved all over the world: somewhere they even call her Queen of the Fields, and not everyone we know camomile.

 Bouquets of gerberas in Odessa

This flower belongs to the category of the Astrovists, and therefore it is not surprising that they are so similar to each other. This makes it possible to give interchangeable bouquets to lovers of these colors, which you can not see from each other. Gerbera - is, above all, a positive mood, sunshine and brightness of the petals, which shine with a rainbow of colors. Its large petals come in a variety of colors: from pastel pink to green and purple. This kind of diversity allows you to create with a gerbera, if not hundreds, then dozens of amazing compositions and original bouquets.

It appears, as a rule, at the end of the summer, and therefore keeps in itself the warmth of the last sunshine, with its beauty and meets at least a bright, golden autumn.

Buy bouquets of multi-colored gerberas on the Internet

Gerberas in Odessa

We are a flower online store focused on customers of the most beautiful and most amazing seaside city, allowing everyone to buy what they like at affordable prices.

Order flowers in Odessa - easy and simple, because:

  • Buy a gerbera as a gift can be a resident of absolutely any city;
  • Flowers in Odessa are always the freshest and come with a 100% guarantee;
  • Flower delivery in Odessa occurs during working hours at any specified address.

We guarantee not only the quality and efficiency of our services, but also professional advice, timely assistance, as well as the original and unique assembly of your bouquet!

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