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Roses in a Box


16 roses and 5 cluster roses in a box

3005 UAH

11 roses in a box

1628 UAH

101 roses in a box

11881 UAH

25 roses in a box

3384 UAH

15 roses in a box

2301 UAH

35 roses in a box + candy

4665 UAH

Delicate roses in a box

11065 UAH

25 roses in a box

3435 UAH

31 roses in a box

4496 UAH

39 roses in a box

4913 UAH

Roses in a boxes

Roses in boxes as a gift are a unique gift, one that can conquer more than one human heart, melt the ice and help to ask for forgiveness in any, even the most difficult situation.

Advantages of a large bouquet of roses in a box

Over time, bouquets become a customary gift, and so you want a variety to see on the face of a loved one is not just a smile and hear "thank you", but to notice the most real joy and happiness. This will help unusual bouquets in the box. Pros of this gift is very simple and understandable: it is easy to transport from place to place, it does not require a vase, and care of the box is very simple.

In the box can be:

Roses Box

  • Ukrainian roses: beautiful and stylish, having a small bud and sturdy leg;
  • Imported roses: large and fragrant, able to withstand any weather;
  • Spray roses: small and gentle, emphasizing feelings and emotions.

Roses in boxes can have absolutely different amounts depending on which holiday is given and for whom they are going. So, you can give 11, 25, 35, 45, 51 and 101 roses, which are suitable for almost any occasion. They are very nice to give to a loved one who until the last will not know what is stored in a beautiful and cute box. You can also give to family members, surprising and pleasing them even if the calendar does not include a holiday. Particularly please such gifts of people who do not exactly expect this, for example, friends and co-workers, as well as your boss for the jubilee.

For those whose soul desires variety, we advise you to pick up roses with Macarons or with other, equally tasty sweets in the form of cakes, sweets and chocolate assorted.

A bouquet of roses in a box

Order flowers with delivery in Odessa: simple and convenient

Our store has more than 10 years of experience in the floristic market of Odessa, thanks to which we are approached even for the fulfillment of the most difficult and urgent orders. We provide 100% quality guarantee of both the flowers themselves, and the bouquet collected by the best and experienced florists, as well as its transportation.

Delivery of flowers from our store is done quickly and quickly, not one order is delayed more than we need the customer. Delivery of the bouquet is performed by experienced craftsmen who will ensure its safety during transportation and will be able to find the recipient anywhere in the city. The courier will deliver the order both to the house and to the office, and also easily hand the gift in the park, cafe and other place. And that the moment of delivery was even more pleasant - order an additional gift for a bouquet in the form of a bottle of champagne or a soft toy!

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