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51 tulips


A bouquet of 51 tulips

5121 UAH

Bouquet of 51 tulips

4785 UAH

Bouquet of 51 tulips

5493 UAH

51 tulips in a box

6447 UAH

51 tulips in a box

6258 UAH

Bouquet of 51 tulips

4389 UAH

Bouquet of 51 tulips

4440 UAH

51 tulip in a box + candy

6023 UAH

51 tulips in a box

6204 UAH

51 tulips in a box

6002 UAH

 Order 51 Tulips

51 tulips are a gift of nature, special and unique, which is conveniently located on one of the first places in the charts of the most popular and sought-after gifts of spring.

The beauty of a bouquet of 51 tulips in the city of Odessa

The main feature of any tulip gift is their beauty and ease. These flowers are supposed to float above the ground, thereby giving the recipient a sense of these particular feelings.

51 tulips in a box has such advantages:

51 tulips photo

  • He is much brighter and more touching than his closest competitor – 51 roses;
  • With this plant you can create a gift of any color: red, white, yellow, cream or multi-colored;
  • Tulip, as the first spring flower, is felt and perceived much better than other flowers that are available all year round.

51 tulips, like 101, in Odessa can have many variations. So, we can make as a simple bouquet, tied with a satin ribbon in one color, and decorate it with appropriate decorating materials. Winter version of the bouquet will be perfectly complemented by cones or branches of spruce. Also, this gift can be conveniently packaged in a basket or the box, that make it easier to care for him.

It is possible to order 51 tulips both in the spring, and in the winter. This will help to surprise a person who does not expect such a special and warm gift from you at the height of the cold season. Best of all, he will be taken by the second half or the closest family members.

 Buy 51 Tulips

Buy a bouquet of 51 tulips: the warranty of our store

Our salon is a place where you can order a prompt delivery of flowers throughout the city. Among our main advantages, we should note the 100% guarantee of the quality of the product itself and of each flower bud, which is thoroughly tested. The best florists work on bouquets who have a lot of new and unusual ideas and are ready to embody them on demand.

The delivery of a bouquet and additional gifts that can be selected in our extensive catalog is performed by experienced masters of their craft. The courier will deliver the order neatly and quickly, while ensuring the freshness and integrity of the ordered composition. Thanks to this, you can not worry and not think about how to carry something huge and pompous to the place of celebration.

Order flowers with delivery from us - it means to trust the salon, which has more than 10 years of experience, a lot of new ideas and opportunities for their realization!

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