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Bouquets of tulips


25 tulips in a box

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Tulips - a flower that ranks first in popularity among the wealth of nature and the floral world. It attracts our attention, catches the eye and forces us to acquire it again and again, enjoying the spring lightness and elegance.

Interesting facts about these spring flowers

We so often buy these amazing flowers, but know so little about them, while continuing to passionately love and eagerly desire, with bated breath waiting for spring and winter - the peak of their bloom.

Before buying a spring bouquet of tulips, you should read the information about him:

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  • Today, there are more than four thousand varieties of tulips, and new ones appear more and more;
  • This is a sacred flower that is widely distributed throughout the world and is revered in the countries of the East and Asia;
  • An interesting fact is that earlier the roots and petals of tulip were used as food for preparing various salads and desserts;
  • The most expensive type of tulip has a deep black and gray shade;
  • You will be surprised, but this spring flower has a connection with another symbol of spring – lily;
  • The first color bands, which today give the flower different colors on the bud, were the result of an unknown disease, which gave rise to the selection of new varieties.

 Pink tulips to buy

The most popular shades in which you can find tulips are red, white, yellow, multi-colored and other tones. Also available for sale are deep purple shades, scarlet, black and many others. It is curious that in the world there is no perfect blue flower, because they all have red or purple tones.

The best number of tulips in a bouquet is considered 25, 51 and 101. This is one of the few flowers that look harmonious in large numbers, and therefore can compete with the leader, which today takes 51 and 101 roses.

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The main feature of bouquets of tulips is that it can be collected and presented in different ways. So, gaining popularity tulips in a box. Tulips in boxes is a luxury and beauty in one bouquet. So there were round, square and long boxes filled with beautiful tulips..

You can buy a bouquet of tulips without thinking to anyone, because this gift has no restrictions. It is also important to remember that it is perfect not only for a women's holiday, but also for a male one, because one of the meanings of a flower is strength and masculinity.

Bouquets of tulips in Odessa: the order and delivery of a gift

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Our store offers a unique opportunity to purchase the best bouquets at affordable prices. We have 100% quality assurance for all products. In addition, the best florists who have a vast experience of impeccable work are engaged in assembling the composition.

Delivery can be ordered both in the morning and in the late evening. The courier will deliver the order without delay and just in time, so that you can congratulate the recipient to the minute.

In addition, we have additional gifts that can make the celebration even more pleasant. So, you can order flowers from us with delivery along with sweets, fruit and much more. More than 10 years of experience help us to carry out each order with brilliance, causing delight customers and recipients.

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