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21 roses


Multicolored roses: 21 pc.

2293 UAH

Red roses: 21 pc.

2196 UAH

Bouquet of 21 imported roses

3428 UAH

Bouquet of 21 imported roses

3799 UAH

Bouquet of 21 imported roses

3386 UAH

Multicolored roses: 21 pc.

2293 UAH

Bouquet of 21 imported roses

3386 UAH

Multicolored roses: 21 pc.

2293 UAH

Pink roses: 21 pc.

2218 UAH

Yellow roses: 21 pc.

2274 UAH

21 roses in a box

2986 UAH

Pink roses: 21 pc. + candies

2374 UAH

21 roses in a box

2967 UAH

Multicolored roses: 21 pc.

2293 UAH

Buy 21 roses

21 roses - the perfect floral gift for both men and women, no matter what celebration to give it. A perfect bouquet of 21 roses for birthday greetings. This is a flower that needs no introduction and is loved by everyone.

Rose has long won the title of queen of flowers. The variety of its colors is amazing. Bouquets of roses can be both mono-bouquets and multi-colored. Such bright bouquets of roses always cheer up.

The most popular flowers in mono bouquets of roses today remain:

Order 21 roses

  • Red - the color of passion and love;
  • White - tenderness and innocence;
  • Pink - the color of romance;
  • Yellow - the color of the sun and well-being;
  • Cream - the color of comfort and individuality.

A bouquet of 21 roses is collected by our florists with love, like everything bouquets. You can be 100% sure that your bouquet will be only from the freshest and high-quality selected buds. We monitor quality and work only with reliable suppliers so that you and your loved ones enjoy the beauty of these beautiful plants for much longer.

In our catalog you can find bouquets not only from roses, but from various flowers, depending on your preference. Our delivery service will deliver a bouquet to any address in Odessa, and if you need something outside our resort city, so that you can congratulate people close to you, regardless of the distance between you.

21 roses with delivery in Odessa

To the bouquet of 21 roses, you can add other gifts, such as:

The advantages of our store:

Our online flower shop has collected a huge variety of flower gifts. And these are not only roses and bouquets, these are flower arrangements at any time of the year, from summer, when nature gives us a variety of plants and winter compositions, when on cold winter evenings you want to plunge into a warm, cozy and romantic atmosphere. You can order from us flower boxes, which may include only flowers as well as a composition with delicious cakes Macarons or candy. Also here you can find a wide variety gift baskets, that we deliver to your family.

Send 21 roses in Odessa

Buy 21 roses with delivery

We are doing everything possible so that placing an order takes a minimum of time. There are several ways to place an order:

  1. Place an order online;
  2. Write online support on the site;
  3. Write to instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp);
  4. Write to our mail.

Our managers will answer all your questions and help you choose exactly the gift that your family and friends will remember for a long time.

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