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Roses Spray


Bouquet of 25 bush roses

3592 UAH

Bouquet of 15 bush roses

2228 UAH

Bouquet of 5 bush roses

1023 UAH

Bouquet of 17 bush roses

2349 UAH

Bouquet of 21 bush roses

2982 UAH

Bouquet of 27 bush roses

3858 UAH

Bouquet of 19 bush roses

2812 UAH

Bouquet of 51 bush roses

6185 UAH

Bouquet of 101 bush roses

11551 UAH

Bouquet of 65 bush roses

7684 UAH

Bouquet of 35 bush roses

4510 UAH

Bouquet of 25 bush roses

3592 UAH

Spray roses: 29 pc.

4131 UAH

Bouquet of 23 bush roses

3380 UAH

Bouquet of 101 bush roses

11198 UAH

Bouquet of 21 bush roses

3085 UAH

Spray roses

Spray roses - a mixture of passion and charm, grown by nature in unique conditions. Today, small flowers of roses spray are much more popular than large imported roses, and therefore it is not surprising that the number of bouquets and compositions with them is growing rapidly, because with the help of such a gift you can convey all your feelings and emotions.

Spray roses: features of registration of bouquets

To distinguish roses spray is very easy even for those who do not understand flowers at all: they have large branches, on which are located a lot of small roses of different colors. As a rule, they are white, pink, cream and colorful, there are also small red and yellow roses.

The value of flowers in a bouquet depends on the number of buds:

  • 25 roses: signify respect and maximum desire to be closer to a person;
  • 51 roses: emphasize the status of the recipient, his experience and life goals;
  • 101 roses: help convey the frenzy of love and romantic feelings.

A bouquet of roses spray is popular because its value is limited by sensuality and tenderness, because not everyone can be given huge buds, which eventually become gifts by usual and non-original.

Bouquets of roses spray in Odessa

You can decorate them in any style. For example, they look great in a flower boxes in paper, with different coatings and beads. Also well clustered buds complement the flower boxes and compositions.

Roses spray on the birthday give best, especially if you pick up the favorite color for the recipient and the number of buds. It is also permissible to present it for family holidays for both young and senior members of the family.

Flowers delivery in Odessa by the best couriers

Spray roses photo

Our store has more than 10 years of experience, which makes us one of the most reliable floristic salons of the seaside pearl. All our flowers have a 100% quality guarantee, which was made possible through fruitful cooperation with the best flower suppliers. Delivery of the bouquet is performed by the best couriers of its kind, who will quickly bring a gift to the right place and hand it with a smile. Also we work with the best florists of Odessa, specializing in assembling bouquets of various types, as well as giving the chance to purchase roses in a box or roses with macaroons in individual design.

The courier will deliver the order to any place you need, and therefore it is not necessary to wait for the gift of the house: it is enough to indicate the telephone number on which you can contact the recipient and calmly do your business. You can order flowers with delivery from anywhere in the country, if you live with relatives or friends in Odessa. For them, you can also choose an additional gift from our catalog that will emphasize your love for them and how much you miss them.

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