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Tulips in a box


25 tulips in a box

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 Send tulips in a box in Odessa

Tulips in boxes are the most unusual and bright gift among the floral world. Because of its tenderness, weightlessness and beauty, because the ideal symmetry of its petals attracts you to feel the light, cool aroma of the first, spring heat and sun.

Tulips in a box can be:

  • in a round box;
  • in a square box;
  • in a heart shaped box.

Tulips can only compete with roses, but in the spring of course they are out of competition. All women love to receive as a gift on March 8, or simply, as a sign of attention, it is the tulips, which can now be originally decorated in a box.

When a big bouquet of tulips comes up?

Tulips are spring flowers that appear just on the eve of International Women's Day. That is why it is a great gift for the spring holidays for all girls and women, because with the help of such a present you can please them, emphasize femininity, beauty and charm.

 Order tulips in a box

Flowers on women's day can not hit such diversity, as in any other season. But the gentle buds of this plant are enough to make the best and most tender gift in the box for a loved one.

Best of all in a beautiful and bright box look tulips quantity 25, 51 and 101. They can also have a variety of colors, so you can make a bouquet from one tone or pick a different color. The most popular flowers are red, white, pink, multi-colored and yellow tones. Tulips with a characteristic "fringe" around the edges are gaining particular popularity, which gives them charm and sophistication, as if we are facing a beautiful flower, not a beautiful flower.

You can give bouquets of tulips not only in spring. This bouquet fits perfectly on Valentine's day – when the second half needs to give something as tender and reverent, for example flower cakes in the box, like the feelings that she brings to you. This was made possible by the purchase of imported tulips, not only from Holland, but also from other small countries and islands. The abundance of varieties and colors will help to convey the full range of feelings that bloom inside even in the middle of a harsh winter. Tulips in a box are an original and very beautiful bouquet that does not require a vase and will delight the recipient with its beauty for much longer.

Order flowers with delivery: quickly and reliably

 Buy tulips in a box

We have more than 10 years of experience, and therefore we probably know how to please people close to the heart and soul.

We can entrust the delivery of flowers for any reason, because:

  • We give 100% quality guarantee for all colors;
  • We cooperate with the best florists in the whole of Odessa;
  • The delivery of the bouquet will be performed by operational and skilled employees.

In our store there is the possibility of ordering additional gifts. We often give not just flowers, but add something to them. With us, you no longer need to go shopping and buy toys, candy or alcohol. All this can be delivered by our employee to any address indicated in the application.

The courier will deliver the order on any day, as well as at any time, both in the early morning and late in the evening. This will help to make the surprise bright and unforgettable, to please only the person who has got out of bed or to romantically wish good night.

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