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Large bouquets of flowers


Bouquet of 25 roses

2608 UAH

Multicolored roses: 31 pc.

3156 UAH

Bouquet of 15 chrysanthemums

1828 UAH

Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

10661 UAH

Bouquet of 25 lilies

6237 UAH

Red roses: 45 pc.

4652 UAH

101 roses in a box

11881 UAH

Bouquet of 25 chrysanthemums

2737 UAH

Bouquet of 101 alstroemerias

7123 UAH

Bouquet of 21 eustoms

3320 UAH

Heart from 201 roses

24122 UAH

Large bouquets - a luxury that is admired by all. A large bouquet of beautiful flowers is always a welcome and very beautiful gift that you can give as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, and a professional holiday. These are bouquets that will say everything for you and make you smile.

If you want to make an impression and make a beautiful romantic surprise, you need to pay attention to large bouquets. It's no secret that every girl dreams, get a large bouquet of fragrant buds as a gift.

What is a big bouquet of flowers?

Large bouquet to buy in Odessa

How many flowers should there be for a large and large bouquet? It all depends on the flower you want to give. For example, bouquets of eleven or fifteen roses, which is considered the best option for a gift and they can be attributed to the average bouquets. And bouquets from 25 roses can already be attributed to a large bouquet.

A large bouquet can be decorated in classic style with ribbon, floral paper, and in a box, that will add a bouquet of refinement and greater charm.

Consider the main options for bouquets

  • Roses – in order for a bouquet of roses to be large, you must choose a quantity from 25 pieces. It is worth paying attention both to mono bouquets and, for example, to a composition of white roses and one red, thus showing your feelings, and speaking in the language of flowers «You are my only one». Of course, the more roses, the bouquet look bigger and more presentable. The volume also depends on the height of the rose. So, if you take the classic flower height of 50-60 cm, the gift will look more voluminous than from flowers 70, 80 cm and higher. Fifty one or one hundred one roses always look gorgeous and need no introduction.
  • Imported roses, regardless of quantity always look expensive. Usually, an imported rose is a tall beauty on a stem of 80, 90 or 100 cm. To make a bouquet of imported roses not only large, florists recommend using thirty five buds in a bouquet. 51 or 101 imported rose is a gift that can be attributed to the luxury class.
  • Roses spray ideal for creating a delicate and large bouquet. Already from 15 flowers, these small roses, you can create a beautiful composition. A huge bouquet will look in the amount of 51 flowers.
  • Alstroemeria in a large bouquet look very airy, thanks to its delicate appearance. So an armful of fifteen alstroemeria can already claim the title of a magnificent flower. A bouquet of 25, 35 is already a large composition, but you also need to take into account the height of the flower's feet, the main rule, the shorter the length of the stem, the more magnificent the bouquet looks. 51 or 101 Alstroemeria will be a great chic armful.
  • Chrysanthemum spray can claim the main flower, from which you can make a beautiful big and lush bouquet. Fifteen spray chrysanthemums, in particular chamomile, with which florists replace the summer favorite - the daisy, which pleases only one month of the year, is a rather large, voluminous and lush bouquet of flowers. Of course, if we talk about such a quantity as one hundred and one flower, a bouquet of chrysanthemums will be beyond competition in its volume.
  •  Order a large bouquet

  • Eustoms, a flower that is often compared to the roses queen of flowers. Delicate eustoma buds, look very gentle and beautiful both in mono bouquets and in combination with other flowers. Large bouquets of 51 or 101 white eustoma will remind a tender cloud, and purple shades will dip into a fairy tale. In quantities of 15 flowers, a bouquet of eustomas will already look lush, due to the fact that there is not one bud on one stalk, but several, just like in alstroemeria and spray chrysanthemums.
  • Tulips – the favorites of spring, which so delight us with their colors, the perfect bud and beauty. As in the version with roses, the classic bouquet of florists is eleven and fifteen flowers. A large bouquet will be from 35, 45, 51 and of course 101 tulips.
  • The second favorites of the spring areirises. These flowers perfectly complement bouquets with chrysanthemums, tulips, especially white or yellow. To achieve a large mono bouquet of irises, you need at least 51 or 101. Iris in such numbers will conquer by its severity, beauty and grandeur. This is the perfect bouquet that can be presented to both women and men.

A large and beautiful bouquet will look beautiful and original not only if you use one type of flower. If you still want, for example, only roses, pay attention to the combination red and white or more delicate white and pink. Multi-colored bouquets will look bright and special.

Bouquets of different colors - this is a whole art, which our florists own perfectly. Mixed compositions always look very harmonious and especially beautiful. You can trust our masters with confidence and be sure that your gift will be beyond praise.

Send a large bouquet of flowers in Odessa

To order a bouquet with delivery in our online store today takes a minimum amount of time. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps.

You can place an order for the delivery of the bouquet in a convenient way for you:

  1. Place an order in our online store;
  2. Write to the online consultant on the site;
  3. Write to our email;
  4. Write to any of the messengers (Viber или WhatsApp).

 Order 101 roses

If you have not yet decided which flowers you would like to present, a classic bouquet or you want them to be decorated in a box, which is very stylish and presentable today, you can consult with our managers.

The advantages of our store:

  • Free delivery in Odessa;
  • We provide a cumulative discount system for regular customers;
  • When you first order you get a 5% discount on the second order;
  • Here you will find a large selection of flowers - from roses to ranunculus;
  • We deliver not only bouquets and compositions, but also gift baskets (fruits, sweets, products);
  • Our catalog is regularly updated with new and modern compositions;
  • We work only with the best and trusted suppliers;
  • We are daily cultivating so that you can feel the special atmosphere from the moment of placing the order to the moment when the courier hands over your gift to your loved ones.

Today, thanks to the flower delivery service in Odessa, you can give a good mood and a sense of celebration much more often. The main feature of a good gift is one that is presented with love. Then it does not matter, a big bouquet or a small flower arrangement. If the gift is made from the heart, it will be remembered for a long time and with each memory will cause a smile and positive emotions.

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