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New Year's Gift Baskets


Basket with products and tangerines

5467 UAH

Basket with coffee for the New Year

1554 UAH

Basket with sweets, champagne and tangerines

1550 UAH

Champagne basket on New Year's Eve

1332 UAH

Macarons for the New Year

1851 UAH

Gift basket for the New Year

2116 UAH

Christmas basket with sweets

1344 UAH

 Christmas gift basket to buy

Christmas baskets and compositions are stylish and original gifts that will be the basis of the holiday and will be the perfect complement to the festive New Year's table.

Filling gift baskets for the New Year

If you decide to give someone flowers for New Year – do not rush to buy a classic bouquet, because there are plenty of other, interesting ways to present this amazing gift. Winter bouquets of flowers are always complemented by bright decor or are made in a special way, so that the recipient feels the whole spirit and essence of this family holiday.

Flowers and macaroons can be placed in a beautiful box that will emphasize your desire to surprise and delight. The recipient does not like sweets? It does not matter, give flowers and champagne - a bright combination that will help both to enjoy the appearance of the gift, and taste it.

 Basket for the New Year

Most often we buy fruits for the New Year, therefore, they can also become part of a festive surprise. Fruits and champagne blend perfectly together, creating an atmosphere of lush and vivid celebration even far from home.

Particularly distinguished from the rest of the gifts Christmas basket of sweets. It is filled to the top with a variety of delicacies, both ours, Ukrainian, and branded foreign. At your request, we can choose the composition of the basket for a child who will like Kinder, and for his beloved, that will definitely appreciate a set of chocolates and sweets.

Delivery of gifts for the New Year by couriers

Our florist salon is the best friend of any person, even the one who began to look for a bouquet for the New Year at the last moment.

 Christmas basket

We trust not only the delivery of the bouquet, but also impressions for the holidays, because:

  • We always provide only fresh flowers with a 100% quality guarantee;
  • The best florists of Odessa cooperate with us;
  • Delivery of flowers is performed by skilled couriers;
  • We can purchase additional gifts for every taste.

The courier will deliver the order to the place that you will need. This will make a person happy when leaving the office or during a family celebration at home.

Ordering flowers with delivery means giving the recipient a lot of pleasant emotions that they will remember for a whole year!

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