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Bouquets of alstroemeria


Bouquet of 51 alstroemerias

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Bouquets of alstroemeria

A bouquet of alstroemerias is not just very colorful, but the brightest of all that can be made. This flower looks very beautiful both in mono bouquets and in combination with others, for example chrysanthemums, roses. It's hard to imagine, but these fragile petals are incredibly strong and tenacious, and that's why they are ideal for gifts outside the house and corporate parties where you often can not find a vase of water.

The charm of a mono-bouquet of alstroemeria

Alstroemeria - a flower to which is attributed not only insane beauty, but also a lot of mystical meanings. So, it is believed that alstroemeria brings good luck and peace to a married couple, especially if you put it in the bedroom. It is also a symbol of sympathy and strong friendship.

Buy bouquet of alstroemerias

For the first time this flower appeared on the shores of Peru, partly in Chile and Bolivia. It is because of the area of its growth that it has become so popular and revered, because a flower that lives in such a hot climate is not only persistent, but also unpretentious in caring for itself.

Beautiful bouquets of alstroemerias can be composed both in different, and in one color. The presence of more than a hundred varieties allows you to combine monochrome and multi-colored petals, which with their brightness and originality overshadow the brightest Chilean sun.

In Odessa, alstroemerias are at the peak of their popularity, not surprisingly: a hot resort town is best emphasized by desert, persistent lilies. Buy alstroemerias, like flowers that see off the beauty and the heat of joyful summer, it should both as a gift for the celebration, and for a sudden surprise. Also in our catalog you can choose other bouquets, for example from the eustoma, gerbera, lilies and etc.

Photos of alstroemeria

Bouquets of alstroemerias: buy in Odessa

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Shopping with us is always easy and pleasant, because we provide 100% guarantee of freshness and assemblage of bouquet by true professionals who know how to plunge a person close to you in a pleasant shock!

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