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Basket with pineapple and products

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Basket with wine and grapes

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Gift basket with products

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A gift basket with products

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Food basket with champagne

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A food basket with vegetables and wine

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Gift basket with champagne

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Shopping cart with products

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A huge basket of products

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 Buy a basket with products

Products baskets will help in situations where other gifts are powerless. This type of gift is considered family and collective, and therefore it can be safely ordered when you go on a picnic with friends or you are going to celebrate the New Year together with your family. After all, there is not always time to go shopping, and here they will arrive at the house or in the right place with delivery.

What products can be found in the basket?

This original gift can have many variations and types, which makes it possible to make it special and individual, suitable for one particular person.

Gift baskets can be:

  • Essentials: meat, fish, cheese and other products;
  • Sweets: chocolate, sweets, cakes, etc.;
  • Fruits: Exotic and Classic Sets;
  • Sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard;
  • Marinades: cucumbers and tomatoes, fruits in cans and much more.

 Order a basket of products in Odessa

In addition to grocery, we can find baskets sweets or fruits, that can be filled with a variety of combinations to your taste. Does the recipient like apples or pears? No problem. Would you like to add a certain brand of chocolate to the basket? We will be happy to help!

Fruit baskets fit perfectly in both summer and winter seasons as a wish for recovery and happiness. And if you add them with flowers, for example, a bouquet of roses in quantity 51 or 101 roses - the recipient will be pleasantly surprised.

Delivery basket with products in the city of Odessa

 Basket products order

Our florist salon has more than 10 years of experience in forming and delivering not only flowers in boxes and bouquets, but also other equally desirable gifts.

It is profitable and easy to buy from us, because we provide a 100% quality guarantee for all our products and additional presents, such as balloons, candy boxes and cakes.

Delivery of flowers is performed by experienced professionals. The courier will deliver the order to any place in Odessa, starting from the recipient's house and ending with a restaurant or cafe. Therefore, ordering fruits with delivery is so convenient and profitable.

In addition, we provide many pleasant bonuses, one of which is discounts already from the 1st order for each client.

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