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Bouquet of 5 roses, 2 chrysanthemums and 2 alstroemerias

865 UAH

Box for a man with beer and fish

5356 UAH

Bouquet of 1 lilies, 3 gerberas, 2 chrysanthemums and 3 roses

950 UAH

Bouquet of 13 chrysanthemums and 16 roses

1845 UAH

Bouquet of 15 roses and 14 alstroemerias

1775 UAH

Bouquet of 14 roses and 15 chrysanthemums

1845 UAH

Basket with flowers and sweets

3135 UAH

Basket of sweets with champagne

2727 UAH

bouquets of flowers in Odessa

Flowers - this is a classic gift that is good in that it is perfect for any occasions, and is also available at any time of the year. Large selection of different beautiful bouquets all year round.

Large bouquets of flowers: luxury or the manifestation of love?

It is believed that the more a gift - the more pleasant it is and the more feelings you feel for the recipient. But in fact, all this is a matter of taste. So, big bouquets are very beautiful and attract great attention, and they can be afforded either by romantics or by very wealthy and wealthy gentlemen who want to surprise their beloved woman. One has only to imagine her surprise when she receives a huge bouquet of 51 или 101 flower, for example, from roses to your date of acquaintance or relationship. In such moments, the magnitude is not just the bouquet itself, but also qualitatively selected flowers, especially if they are her favorites, will provide the recipient with a whole sea of happiness and delight.

Small floral compositions and their purpose

beautiful bouquet of flowers

Small bouquet – pleasant token of attention! As a rule, in a small format all the tenderness and trepidity of the floral world is enclosed, and therefore they are given for the first visits, for insanely romantic occasions or especially for close people. In addition, such beautiful bouquets are a way to continue brightly and pleasantly to please your loved ones in an extremely limited budget that does not affect the quality of the gift in any way. And it is very important not to forget, very often a small bouquet on an ordinary weekday, without any reason, will cause much more emotion than a large bunch of flowers on March 8. Gifts without an occasion, always have a special, different aura and are remembered much longer.

Which bouquets to choose

In our catalog you can choose a bouquet from a variety of colors. It can be like mono bouquets, and not only from roses, and from chrysanthemums, alstroemeria, eustoms, lilies and other. And the European bouquet from the most various and perfectly complementing each other colors in color scale. It can be a composition in warm tones, bright and sufficiently contrasting variations or a classic bouquet. You can also order a bouquet from a florist and our fairies will gladly collect for you the perfect bouquet.

Small bouquets of flowers in Odessa

Send a bouquet to Odessa - it's a difficult choice, besides, when there is such a wide variety of different colors and combinations. Our bouquets in Odessa are the most popular and the most unusual due to the work with professional florists.

Here you can order flowers in Odessa with such advantages as:

  • Prompt delivery of flowers in Odessa in just a few hours;
  • The most relevant and democratic prices for each product;
  • Quality service and individual approach to each client.

What to order a large or small bouquet - it's up to you, in any case it will be beautiful and it will not be better to emphasize not just your desire to please the recipient, but also your respectful attitude towards him! To place an order in our store will take only a couple of minutes of your time. You can consult our online chat. Our managers will help you choose a beautiful and long-remembered bouquet for your relatives.

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